About Inez

When I began to paint at the age of 32, I tried to make realistic paintings. But that was not a success. I couldn't get the perspective right and the paintings looked far from realistic. To be honest they didn't look like anything at all.
After experimenting for quite a long time, I found the paint I liked best (gouache) and I found my own style, what seems to be the na´ve style (self taught), which in fact I have loved from the age of 18. This style gives me the opportunity to (re)create the world the way I like it; less cars, no pollution, no discrimination, where children are happy and animals well-treated. I know it's not very realistic, but that's what makes painting in this style so attractive. For a while you don't have to be realistic and you are allowed to dream and fantasize as you like.
I like painting winter scenes the most. When it snows the atmosphere changes. The world looks beautiful covered with a thick pack of snow. Snow makes people happy, children enjoy playing in it and even dogs are excited about it.
I hope in the future to make many new paintings and I hope that they will give you as much pleasure to look at, as it gives me to paint them.